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Naihanchi Shodan Bunkai Webinar Excerpts

Hello everyone,

Over the weekend, we hosted our very first webinar, ever! It was held online via Skype, and it worked out pretty well. Online training definitely has its limitations, but in this format we were able to see how the attendees were doing with the techniques, and provide immediate feedback, just as we would do in person. We took an hour to cover 2-4 applications for every sequence in Naihanchi Shodan. Of course, there are many more ways to apply the kata than just what we worked, but I think we gave everyone enough variety that they can find useful material for a wide array of personal approaches. Here is just a small selection of clips from the session:

Iain Abernethy
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Great stuff! I’ll share that with the lists later this week. Thanks for sharing.

All the best,


Mark B
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Some nice stuff.

Your Senseis ideas are not a million miles away from my approach - but it is different,  which is great because although they're similar they're still his, with his personality upon them - as it should be