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Naihanchi (Tekki) Kata: The Seed of Shuri Karate Vol. 1 by Chris Denwood

Chris Denwood tells us about his latest book, 'Naihanchi (Tekki) Kata: The Seed of Shuri Karate Vol. 1'.

This is the first of a three part project that covers an integrated and comprehensive 'five-layer' study into Naihanchi Kata, a form that along with Sanchin from the Naha line, has always been considered a fundamental part of the art’s combative methodologies.

Volume One introduces Naihanchi Kata, explores the outer choreography of the form and focusses on developing a strong foundation by investigating a number of the most important lessons on structure and dynamics, including how they may be more functionally applied.

Although the book is available via my store at www.chrisdenwood.com, there has also been a dedicated website setup to help support this and future volumes, with links to buy direct from both Amazon and Lulu. You can also download a FREE preview from the site that includes the contents page, preface and first chapter!

Visit www.naihanchi-kata.com for more details and to download your FREE preview!

I've also added a brief blurb from the rear cover below, along with some endorsements.
If you have any questions or feedback, then please feel free to email me at: admin@chrisdenwood.com - it’s always great to network with other like-minded karate-ka from around the world.

Best wishes and thanks in advance for your support!

Chris Denwood

Naihanchi (Tekki) Kata: The Seed of Shuri Karate Vol. 1…

The heart of traditional karate is found within the kata, this being the very root from which the art flourishes.
Naihanchi (Tekki) Kata is one of the original fundamental training forms and various versions of it can be found today in karate (and taekwondo) styles derived from the old Shuri-Te lineage on Okinawa. It is a vital part of karate’s heritage and a priceless gift of knowledge handed down from the pioneering masters of our past.

In this thought-provoking publication, Chris Denwood presents his own personal approach to traditional karate through the choreography of Naihanchi Kata, featuring a step by step guide to a comprehensive study of the form and an avid exploration of its true depth.

Using five integrated layers of analysis, each volume builds on the previous and examines in detail how the movements of Naihanchi Kata can represent a series of valuable lessons, based on holistic themes and principles that when applied, help to reveal why this seemingly superficial kata has been so revered by serious practitioners for generations.

Heavily illustrated, volume one introduces Naihanchi Kata, focusses on developing a solid foundation and investigates a number of the most important lessons on structure and dynamics to be found within the movements of the form.

Some Endorsements…

"It's refreshing to see a publication that looks in depth at the mechanical principles which unite all martial arts, in order to flush out the fundamentals for the kata. Comparing quotes from the three great masters was in my opinion a stroke of genius and make the book an ideal reference guide for Naihanchi study. Highly recommend!" - John Burke

“Chris has created a valuable resource for Naihanchi Kata enthusiasts and the information is an absolute Godsend for those who wish to develop a deeper interest in the form. An excellent book!" - Mark Bonner
“Not a book to be read and then placed upon a shelf, but rather, a roadmap to achieve full body integration. This publication has finally put forth a convincing argument as to why Naihanchi Kata is so important." - Garry Lever

“The information is inspiring and delivered through an excellent writing style that makes it hard to put down. Simply one of the best Karate books I've read in a long, long time!" - Jeff Capstick

“A well written book detailing the author's self discoveries along the path of Budo, plus a sharp and intelligent analysis of Karate focusing on Naihanchi Kata. I was very impressed by Chris's vision for the book and highly recommend it!" - Angel Lemus

Visit www.naihanchi-kata.com for more details and to download your FREE preview!