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A Naihanchi / Tekki-Shodan Flow Drill (video)

In this video you can see a flow drill for some on the methods found within Naihanchi / Tekki-Shodan kata. The video covers a drill for the opening sequence and the “reinforced block” section.

The drill should be performed with plenty of movement and in a fluid way. It should look and feel a little “rough” such that it accurately reflects the nature of conflict and provides a solid stepping stone to live practise of the methods.

This video does not show how such drills fit within wider training (which was discussed at the event). It should be understood that the methods of the kata need drilled singularly, in alternate order, and in a variety of drills. The drill shown here is simply one of many that is used.

To fully realise the nature of the kata it is important to also drill the bunkai in many differing ways including set drills (to develop technique and understanding), semi-live drills (to isolate the live application of any given method) and in kata-based-sparring (to test free flowing application of the methods in a contested fashion).

I hope the clip is something you find interesting and I’m grateful to you all for your support of these videos.

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PS The YouTube link can be found HERE

Practical Kata Bunkai: A Naihanchi / Tekki-Shodan Flow Drill