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Iain Abernethy
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Neil Pottinger Bunkai DVD and free ebook

Details of Neil Pottinger's new DVD:

Neil Pottinger: Kata Bunkai & Theory - Pinan Kata Bunkai, Muchimi & Balance Points

My aim was to challenge myself with a Jissen Karate 4th Dan.  I aspired to pursue ‘the best’, a realistic challenge under the examination of Sensei Iain Abernethy 6th Dan.

For me the term ‘’Jissen’’ means more than only ‘realistic fighting’, it can mean realistic self challenging within all areas and attributes within the pursuit of the application and perfection of karate as a whole.

This project without doubt fulfilled and stretched me beyond what I believed to be the limits of my capabilities.

I now wish to share the DVD and E-book production which was the primary part of my project.

The work covers two main concepts which I address in depth, the first being ‘Balance point Theory’ covered within personal Bunkai examples from the Pinan series, and the second being the sticking concept of ‘Muchimi’.  Rather than dissecting an existing Kata to find my ideas and applications, For this concept I developed a personal Kata which I recorded all drills and sequences which I express within a methodical and structured way.  My interest and what became a fun challenge was to conceal certain alternative options, and back ups in a clever way throughout the Kata. It is clear that the past masters also did this in their historical creations.

To order a DVD copy by Paypal go to my website, www.shetlandbudokai.com

DVD Cost - £24.99

P&P - UK Free

Europe- £1.50

Worldwide - £2.50     

Alternatively pay by Cheque or Postal Order made payable to:

Jissen Budokai, C/O Neil Pottinger, Annslea, Bridge End, Shetland, ZE2 9LE

On the DVD I refer to an accompanying technical paper. Within this package of written work there are papers associated with the Kata ‘Muchimi’, and the Pinans Bunkai. Bonus work included is a personal biography of my years in Karate on route to this level, and also a copy of the syllabus worked on the grading day.

Upon request this E-book is available free of charge consisting of the following,

: Introduction.

: Personal Biography.

: DVD Accompanying Technical Paper.

: DVD Pinans Bunkai Sequences.

: Kata ‘Muchimi’, Solo Sequences.

: Kata ‘Muchimi’, Six Sequence Bunkai.

: 4th Dan Syllabus.

To receive your free copy,

Email pottingerneil@yahoo.co.uk

Website, http://www.shetlandbudokai.com

Call 07808 97 5083 / 01595 859 326


“Neil Pottinger has a superb understanding of Kata and how it should be applied in real conflict. This professionally filmed DVD is one that all Karateka should own and spend time studying. The applications are highly functional, the demonstrations are very impressive, and the explanations very thorough. The DVD is also information dense and not only contains some superb Bunkai for the Pinan / Heian series but also bonus instruction on Neil’s Muchimi drills (and the associated Kata). And not only that! You can also receive an E book of the written work that supports the DVD and tells you all about Neil’s journey through the martial arts. Great content and great value!” Iain Abernethy 6th Dan.

“Neil is a very committed and dedicated instructor, with a strong determination and passion for karate.  I am privileged to be one of the first to have the opportunity to study Neil’s 4thDan project.  I have trained with him a few times, and can truly say that this project sums him up to a tee. The work is veryprofessional, with complete attention to detail and a passion for karate that spills out from every page. I have picked it up and re-picked it up, and when I read the biography I could not put it down until I had finished. In my humble opinion this project for a 4th Dan was excellent. As I have said to Iain in the past, there are many karatekathat have so much to give which they do for little or no reward. I feel honoured to have trained with Neil to be on the receiving end. This is one for the true traditional karateka”Michael Smith 1stdan Kernow Karate club, Essex.

“This DVD is outstanding work. I am really impressed! The drills are easy to understand and utilize. It is an excellent combination of explanation, technique, application, and linkage to Kata.  This is a great benefit for traditionalists. Neil does a very good job of explaining how each of the drills works as well as how one might (or might not) utilize each application in a self-defence situation.” Jamie Gray, Chief Instructor of Musashi Karate www.musashikarate.co.uk

“Neil’s DVD addresses important and indeed vital aspects of Kata Bunkai and original work. He begins by exploring balance point theory with particular reference to the hip, leg and arm.  He then continues to clearly demonstrate Muchimi kata which he created specifically for this project.  This kata is exemplified by dividing it into six individual bunkai/aspects. These are all closely analysed and relevance and continuity are emphasized.  This approach thoroughly and credibly exposes its depth, application and originality.  As well as original work we are invited to observe opening applications for all of the Pinans.  These are professionally executed and detailed explanations are offered.   I feel that special attention should be given to the powerful semi-live drills section which might sometimes be viewed as a little chaotic but reasonably reflects what might happen, in reality, on the street.”Charles Jones.  Wado Karate. 1st. Dan

“I am more than happy to highly recommend this work.  This is a fascinating study, not only of how a 4th Dan project evolved into a new Kata but also into a DVD with an accompanying Ebook. 

The main topic of the 4th Dan project is Muchimi Kata, with clear step by step instructions and practical Bunkai drills could easily pass off as an ancient Kata, which like Tekki / Naifanchi has a very deep meaning with many Bunkai applications both in the form of Do and Jutsu.

Neil then goes on to write a biography of the trials and tribulations of his struggle and commitment to get the best out of life and the way of martial arts within Karate.

Neil is very passionate about Karate Jutsu, it is always an honour and a pleasure to train with him therefore I have no hesitation in recommending him for seminars and courses on the Kata Muchimi and principles.”Steve Gordon 1st Dan Satori Shito Ryu.

Lee Richardson
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I just wanted to add my two penneth to the reviews and recommendations already posted here. I got my copy the other day and was very impressed from the start. As has been said this DVD is detail-rich and contains plenty of material to keep the pragmatically-minded karateka busy for some time to come. Neil's deep interest and commitment to his karate training comes through on this production strongly and I feel that anyone could find something that they can take away and use 'off the peg' as well as adapt and adopt to inform their own studies.

Well done Neil. I look forward to seeing more from you in the near future.

(I trust the fourth dan went well)?