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Ian Siler
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Greetings All,.. Does anyone have any interesting applications for the Kata Nijushiho,.. or can you direct me to any sources  or references  about this particular Form ? Thank You.

Jon Sloan
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Try these



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Or this:

Regards Holger

Ian Siler
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Thanks for taking the the time to attempt to help me & my Classmates with the Kata Nijushiho ,.. I was wondering if anyone has worked with any of the more obscure aspects of the Kata i.e. the throws & or joint locks,...beyond that has anyone seen any Texts on the subject . Thanks Again . Happy Training.

Stuart Ashen
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Vince Morris has a DVD. I personally like his stuff. For his online shop follow the link.


I have not seen this myself so a bit of a risk, but his other DVDs are full of good info.



PS Iain, really enjoyed the seminar in Chelmsford a few weeks ago.