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Ninja Nurse! The Essential Guide to Injury Management in Martial Arts

If I may I'd like to advertise my book on this here wonderful forum.

I was an ambitious project. This is a book that I think every serious martial artist needs to own.

Testimonial from Iain:

“This is a truly unique book for the martial artist! While almost all martial arts books focus on methods to harm others, this book focuses on the exact opposite! It focuses on how to ensure training partners don’t get hurt and how to help them if they do. While the book does cover first aid, it is not a first aid book. It is a complete guide to ensuring martial arts training is both safe and productive; as well as what to do if an accident should occur. The book is an indispensable guide to all martial arts and self-defence instructors. It’s very well written and goes into great depth without ever being a dry read or losing focus. Peter’s deep medical knowledge and enthusiasm for the martial arts shines though. Highly recommended!”

It is currently available in paperback only and can be bought via this link:


Iain Abernethy
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Great book! Highly recommended!