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Niseishi / Nijushiho Pad-Drill 1 (video)

In this video we look at bunkai based pad-drill for the opening sequence of Niseishi / Nijushiho kata! The bunkai itself can be found round here:

There are essentially two main variations on this sequence. We either see the third movement being done as a rising elbow (i.e. as Shotokan) or as the foot being withdrawn and the left arm being dropped forward (i.e. as Shito-ryu or Wado-Ryu). Pad drills for both variations are covered in this video. We also add in the following leg withdrawal (done as a knee lift in some styles) and “double block” as an inner reaping throw. Of course, we must adapt the techniques a little in order to allow uke to hold the pads in away from their head. Regardless, this remains a fun and satisfying way to practise the bunkai sequence with actual impact.

As with all bunkai and associated drills, the motions should also be drilled separately, be varied and be drilled in alternate orders. They also need drills live. It should be remembered that this drill is just one part of a much wider training methodology.

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Practical Kata Bunkai: Niseishi / Nijushiho Pad-Drill 1