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Okuden Waza

hello hello everyone, there is something ive been frustrated about. do the original kata applications still exist? are there any books or dvds that shows these original applications? i really want to know what true shorin ryu karate is.

Iain Abernethy
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Hi Thomas,

Can I ask you to look at the answers you got when you asked more or less the exact same question nine months ago:


If people would like to add anything to that, they can do so here as the old forum is archived now. However, I thought the related issues were given a pretty good airing at the time. I also don’t quite understand the sense of frustration. Through the discussions we have had privately and the feedback on the old forum I think all involved have done their best to answer your question. The answer may not be the one you want, but periodically re-asking the same questions in the hope of getting a different answer is unlikely to help you.

There was some really good stuff in answer to your question last time and also the follow up questions you made in response to those answers. I’d suggest reading that thread and then asking new questions if anything is unclear?

All the best,