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Iain Abernethy
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Old School Perspectives on Taekwon-do

Old School Perspectives on Taekwon-do by Ciaran McDonald

Applications, Explanations and Explications

With forewords from Patrick McCarthy, 9th dan and Stuart Anslow, Author.

Hard Back Colour and Beautiful. Buy at:  https://www.osperspectives.co.uk/online-store

or https://www.amazon.co.uk/School-Perspectives-Taekwon-Do-Ciaran-McDonald/dp/1916113516/

If you encounter any issues contact: info@osperspectives.co.uk

Amazon Review: "I received this book today and I can categorically say that this is a fantastic read. You get the history of TKD, important for all students to understand where the art originated, as well as the relationship between karate and TKD. Ciaran has quite obviously spent a lot of time researching for this book and it shows.As a student of TKD myself for many years, it shows more practical applications for the movements in the tul. Often students are given the 'official' explanation for a particular movement which is often unsatisfactory. This book unravels a lot of this and, in doing so, opens the door to a much more fulfilling way of practicing and studying the patterns. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending this book to anyone studying TKD and was pleased to see that more volumes will be forthcoming."

A must for anyone who loves TKD:

# Understand how TKD really works

# Find the 'REAL' applications and unravel the mystery of the patterns

# Learn how to use blocks in an effective way against realistic attacks

 # Learn the real use of stances

Old School Perspectives on Taekwon-do is 200 pages of colour and explanations, explications and applications. It is a must for all who are serious about the beautiful art of Taekwon-do

The ITF Patterns, or Chang-Hon tuls as they are correctly known, are a set of beautifully choreographed routines which all Taekwon-do students perform by striving to achieve the ideal of perfection in their performance. However, their contents remain a mystery to most. As such the rich collection of self-defence techniques they contain are overlooked and the art becomes reduced to: block, kick and punch. However, by tracing the history of the patterns back to their original roots on the Island of Okinawa or to the Middle kingdom or ancient China we are able to set aside modern assumptions of Taekwon-do as an art that operates at distance.

By using an historical perspective we can begin to reveal the plethora of close quarter techniques contained within the tuls; thus making Taekwon-do an efficient system that operates at all ranges and contains Throws and Takedowns; Joint Locks; Pressure Point Striking; Rudimentary Ground Control; Strangulation and Chokes; Escapes and Counters and; Fantastic Kicks.

David Price
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A really great book. Thoroughly enjoyable and informative.