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Mark F
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One Killer Punch

I just watched a very interesting documentary on channel 4, One Punch Killer, highlighting the impact of one punch in three different altercations. All three cases ended with the death of an individual. 

The documentary followed the consequences of their actions, two imprisioned for manslaughter, despite pleading self defence and one found not guilty and acting in self defence. 

Either way their one punch ended in the death of another individual. As part of any proper self defence training, dealing with the consequences, must be part of the syllabus.

Iain Abernethy
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It is a very good documentary which first aired a couple of years ago:


As you say, it’s very important for people to consider the potential consequences of their actions. It also underlines how vital it is to have a very high threshold for violence i.e. only get physical when it is legally justifiable and truly necessary due to an unprovoked, immanent threat to our wellbeing. “Standing up for yourself” in response to perceived slights and verbal insults can end in universal tragedy.

I’m sure those in the UK will be able to catch it on Channel 4’s online service. We worth a watch!

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