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Passai / Bassai-Dai Flow Drill (video)

This short video shows a bunkai flow drill for Passai / Bassai-Dai kata. The drill should be done on both sides and follows the order of the kata from beginning to end. The drill is part of a whole which also includes the practise of individual techniques, the practice of methods in alternative order, the practise of the techniques against impact equipment, the variation of the methods in line with the underlying principles, and the practise of techniques in live and semi-live drills. This complete flow drill, and ones like it, are therefore not some form of “ultimate bunkai”, but a minor part of wider training matrix.

This clip was filmed at an event in North Carolina in September 2014. The drill was taught over a full weekend and this very short “summary clip” should not be considered to be an instructional video. I nevertheless hope it is of interest to those not there. Thanks to Donnie Abel for his help demonstrating the drill!

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PS The YouTube link can be found HERE

Practical Kata Bunkai: Passai / Bassai-Dai Flow Drill