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Passai Sagurite-Gamae/Stomp

Hello, everyone

This week's Waza Wednesday is presented by one of the other instructors at our dojo--Andrew Wert, Renshi, Godan. Sticking with our theme of Passai for this month, leading up to the Waza Weekend seminar (https://www.iainabernethy.co.uk/content/waza-weekend-concord-ca-march-24-25) that Tiffany Richards and I will be teaching in California this weekend, which will include a session on Passai/Bassai bunkai. This particular video goes over an application for the sagurite-gamae (searching hands posture) and stomp sequence found in our version of Passai Sho (Itosu Passai). As usual, the punch is just an example attack to get you started, but the clearing motion of the kata can be very widely applied across a range of attacks.

An interesting historical point of note is that this application is taught by Nakazato Minoru Sensei, the current head of the Shorinkan, and was likely passed down to him by his father (Nakazato Shugoro) from Chibana Chosin, the founder of Shorin-Ryu. He actually included it in one of the yakusoku kumite ("promise sparring") drills that he developed for the organization curriculum. Originally, for the drill, he used a "safer" (or at least kinder) limb control method, bringing both hands to the inside of the opponent's arm and twisting it to disrupt the opponent's posture, then sweeping instead of stomping. He has since changed the drill to use the "meaner" version seen here. Both work, of course, and if you have concern for your partner's knee, you can always sweep instead of stomp.

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Cool, I like that application a lot! :) Thanks for sharing.

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