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Mr P
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Peterborough UK practical bunkai


I am looking for a shotokan club in or near Peterborough that practices practical bunkai.

I have been a shotokan practitioner for several years and am discontent with the emphasis on sport karate. As a follower of Iains ideas for a number of years it is time to stop reading and watching and find or make a club best suited to my needs.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Deeping Shotokan Club

Martin Gadd: info@deepingkarate.com

I trained with this gentleman (and I think his wife - the memory fails) two or three years ago at one of Iain's seminars. They seemed like very pleasent and keen people. On that basis, bear in mind that these contact details may no longer be correct.

Iain Abernethy
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I’ll second that. Martin is a good guy and a black belt with me.

Marty Gee
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Iain & Tau,

Thanks for the kind comments.

Alan, you are very welcome to come and see us. Contact details in Tau's post are correct.



Mr P
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Thanks for those replies. Martin, I shall organise myself to come along to your Tuesday or Thursday session.