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Iain Abernethy
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The Pinan Flow System Vol 3 by John Tichen


Hot on the tails of the second volume in the series comes the third!

This book, the third in a four volume series, examines the fourth Pinan / Heian kata. Along with practical application drills based on both the study of the reactions of students to common forms of aggression and violence in high pressure scenario simulations, and years of research into violent crime, it also contains a discussion of the role of physical contact and impact training in the martial arts and self defence, illustrated examples of core conditioning drills, and a look at some of the myths surrounding the purpose and application of kata.

Volume Three approaches the fourth kata (Heian / Pinan Yondan / Yodan) by looking at the common factors that unite effective combative approaches rather than focusing on minor stylistic differences, and as a result provides applications and training drills suitable for everyone, regardless of style or grade. The clearly illustrated application drills teach karateka how to close and create distance while moving freely between the kata's ballistic and grappling techniques.

The Pinan Flow System refers to the ability to train karateka to flow seamlessly between ballistic and grappling responses using techniques and tactics embedded in the kata, and illustrates why the Pinan / Heian set, practiced by so many karateka, are an important and misunderstood part of the legacy of Okinawan karate to modern martial artists. Far from being simply kata for beginners, they reflect the distillation of the knowledge and tactics of the father of modern karate, and are an essential training tool and technical manual for beginner and black belt alike.

"This series of books is becoming something of a bunkai encyclopaedia! Each volume further shows how the Pinan / Heian series can be viewed as a complete and holistic system. The whole is becoming more than the sum of its parts! ... John is a true thinking karateka who is making a great contribution modern karate.” - Iain Abernethy

The book is available in paperback on amazon and in ebook format on kindle.

Amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/Pinan-Flow-System-application-beginner/dp/1512260401/

Amazon.co.uk http://www.amazon.co.uk/Pinan-Flow-System-application-beginner/dp/1512260401/

John is available to teach seminars and can be reached via his website: www.practicalkarate.co.uk