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The Pinan / Heian Series

 Hi All,

Please find below the latest podcast! You can listen to this podcast online using this blog’s built in player, or you can download it to listen to later.

In this latest podcast I cover the combative application of the Pinan / Heian series of kata. These kata are sadly often considered to be little more than a form of physical exercise for children or beginners. However, it is my view that the Pinan / Heian series do in fact represent a coherent, complete and highly effective civilian combat system. Some of the reasons for why I hold that view are covered in this podcast.

This podcast includes information on the fighting style of Anko Itosu (the creator of the Pinan kata), why the Pinan kata are structured as they are, an explanation for why Itou’s opponents were said to frequently end up face down and unconscious, the combative progression that is central to the Pinan series, etc.

The recent video lessons included in this blog have included instruction on how the Pinan / Heian kata counter datums (grabs) and how there is a progression in the methods used as we move from one kata to the next.

It is my hope that watching those video clips and listening to this podcast will give you the background information to begin to appreciate the way in which the Pinan / Heian kata are structured and how they should be applied. I hope that you enjoy this podcast and, as always, any feedback you’d care to give will be gratefully received.

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The Pinan / Heian Series
Iain Abernethy