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Jason Lester
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Pinan Nidan / Heian Shodan Bunkai Drill/Demo 2

Hi all,

the following video shows a 2nd Bunkai Drill/Demo regarding Pinan Nidan / Heian Shodan, this is the 2nd turn of the Kata (Gedan-Barai, Tettsui, step through Oi-Zuki) etc.

These Drils/Demo's are my own take or idea regarding the Bunkai for these Kata, as you have seen the Blocks are aimed more as strikes rather than actually Blocking techniques. This is, how i see it a more realistic street combat approach to the study of Bunkai, however, there is no right or wrong, one must make the Kata theirs and make it work for them.

We have many other Drills which follow along the same lines etc.

Keep watching as this is not the same as the previous drill, although it starts the same its just a refresher.

I hope it may be of interest & of some use in your own training.

Kind regards,