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Pinan Nidan Kick-Catch Takedown

Hello, everyone,

This week's Waza Wednesday takes a look at the typical, 3K-style basic application for the gedan-barai/oi-tsuki sequence found in Pinan Nidan/Heian Shodan, and how it can be adapted to a takedown for more practicality. This can be a good intermediary step for people adjusting from the 3K approach to a more practical one.

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There are several applications for the first sequence i.e. gedan barai oi tsuki The ones I teach as basics are below and to be honest am just a beginner; 1. Neck break 2. Outer wrist lock - omote gyaku 3. Straight arm bar - Ude gararmi 4. Rear throw - soto gari 5. Rotary throw - Katen nage when used with the turn into the next sequence. There are a few more but that to me is a good starting point for my white belts. Richard