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Pinan Nidan/Heian Shodan High Block Sequence Drill


In this video, we explore a possible application of the high block as a counter strike to the neck of an enemy who has thrown a sucker punch or a wild haymaker. This drill incorporates the three high blocks and also incorporates a throw as an application for the pivot into low block that comes at the end of the high block sequence in the kata. We also explore a basic pad drill to practice these techniques with speed and power.



Iain Abernethy
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I do like the age-uke into the turning gedan-barai as a strike and a makikomi throw. That’s a nice use of the rotation and the stance. I also always like to see bunkai on the pads too :-)

Thanks for sharing these with us all Dave!

All the best,


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Thank you David for continuously sharing your ideas. Great application and pad drill!

Take care,