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Pinan Sandan Arm Bar Escape (video)

It is my view view that the Pinan / Heian series records a complete combative system. It is also my view that the kata present the techniques in the order they should be learnt and studied.

Among other things, Pinan Shodan (Heian Nidan) teach us how to control the enemy's limbs. Pinan Nidan (Heian Shodan) builds on that and teaches how to both lock the enemy’s limbs and escape from attempts to manipulate our own limbs. Having learnt those skills, the sequence shown in this clip (from Pinan Sandan) gives us an alternate counter should the previous ones fail.

It’s obviously not possible to convey the entirety of this methodology in a short clip such as this. It also needs to be understood that this clip is just a few moments of a four-hour training session. If you would like to know more about the structured methodology of the Pinan / Heian Series, please check out our “The Pinan / Heian Series: The complete fighting system” DVDs or attend a seminar. Regardless, I hope you find this clip of interest and I’m grateful to you for watching.

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PS The YouTube link can be found HERE

Practical Kata Bunkai: Pinan Sandan Arm Bar Escape