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Pinan Sandan Elbow/Backfist Applications

Two weeks ago, we made a Waza Wednesday video looking at the enpi-uke (elbow receiver)/uraken-uchi (backfist strike) sequence in Pinan Sandan. This application uses the elbow as a strike and throw. We demonstrate it against punches, both from inside the attack and from outside of the attack, but as always, positioning, direction of movement, and points of contact are more important than the specific attack.

This week's Waza Wednesday is sort of a "Part 2" of that one, and shows another application for the elbow/backfist sequence found in Pinan Sandan--this time, used as an elbow lock and follow-up strike. We also included an interesting throw that can be used in conjunction with that application.

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I like the detail at the end where options are given on follow ups. Especially collecting at the elbow to get the shoulder lock.