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Pinan Shodan / Heian Nidan Blunt Weapon Defence

Latest video from last night now uploaded to YouTube. This shows a blunt weapon defence using motions from Pinan Shodan kata. The opening movement is used and entry to get inside the range of the strike and cover your head while the "blocking" arm hits the attacker. Hopefully this strike is successful and ends the confrontation. If not we can continue on using motions found later in the kata. We used the 45 degree angle and Gedan Barai (as indicated by the kata) to strip the stick from the attacker. Which is then followed up with the stepping Jodan Uke to strike the back of the attackers head (with or without the weapon). The angles indicated here refer to the version of the kata I practice from Wado Ryu, other styles noticeably Shotokan perform the Gedan Barai at a 90 degree angle, the technique is still valid but just means you move further around the attacker.