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Les Bubka
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Pinan Shodan/ Heian Nidan Opening

Hi all
I know that this moves were extensivly covered, but in our post Kyokushin Pinan Sono Ni hands work bit different.

We drive the elbow of the upper hand while the lower one is pulling downwards keeping the control. 

So I thought that I share our version maybe will be usefull to someone. 

Kind regards Les.


Iain Abernethy
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I like it Les! Thanks for sharing!

All the best,


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This is very similar to how I read that combination. Instead of a double grab or hug attempt I have the attacker come in with a wide hook. And instead of pulling the arm down I slide over and encircle it to pin it to the side of my body. But the principles are the same, and that is, I think, what we should find when comparing different versions of a kata.

I like how your application blends into the mirrored sequence with that takedown. I might add that to mine. So thanks! :)

Take care,


Les Bubka
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Hi Marc

We do your way of applying it too, there is also other version of Pinan we used to do, from some Kyokushin groups (IFK Steve Arniel)) where the moves are much longer. Clip below.

 Feel free to take whatever you like, I very happy that you like it, there was much more stuff on this seminar unfortunately my camcorder failed :(

Kind regards


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Hi Les, lots of good ideas in your second video as well. Thank you.