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Pinan Shodan / Heian Nidan Opening movements


I filmed this short video last week to illustrate one of the static applications that will be in the new Pinan / Heian Flow System seminars and the new books.  As you can see we're going very slowly here and can obviously tighten and rough it up (cue some of our more unusual equipment and tracksuits).

I'm going to be teaching this and a lot of linked stuff in my next bunkai seminar which I've mentionned elsewhere in the forum here:


I know some people might be puzzled by my use of the word flow when they see my bunkai drills, particularly if they've not read the Heian Flow System.  While I do have drills where there is the opportunity for an Uke to regain control or take the initiative if he/she is quick, using movements from the Kata, and so an exercise can flow back and forth continuously, most of my bunkai is deigned to shut down a threat fast.  The 'flow' is the training of the smooth transition between percussive and grappling techniques, and between different parts of the Kata, in response to the effect of your actions on the Uke and their success or failure.


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