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Andrew Revell
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Pinan Shodan from within a clinch

This video shows how all of the opening moves within Pinan Shodan can be applied from within a clinch. Each move in itself could end the conflict and each move could be applied multiple times. But as is often the case we get to practice the flow from one technique to another. The rising and falling postures in the kata are used to both distance yourself from threats and generate power i.e. rising up in posture while striking downwards to the base of the skull. I particularly like how the move to behind the opponent applies an arm lock and simultaneously unbalances him.

Initially practiced with a compliant partner, then with movement and a non-compliant partner (sparring). We also practice this using one impact pad on the furthest hand of the opponent.

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Well done! I like it a lot. Indeed the arm bar is a really nice extra.