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Les Bubka
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Pinan Sono San - End Sequence

HI all

Seventh and the last clip from our Pinan seminar in Poland. We have focused on Pinan Sono San/ Sandan - Doble knee/ jump sequence . In this scenario we failed with our previous techniques and now we are in close distance facing opponent and we are in  control of the neck. We use the jump(or step over, on your preference) as a double knee followed by the elbow and push away or down.

I have to say that I'm happy that I have managed to go throught of this material, it took me way too long to upload, edit and do subtitles (with mistakes) but it's done :) 

Hope you enjoy it and congratulations if you managed to go through all of it :)

Kind regards 


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Hi Les, that was an excellent series with lots of useful ideas. Thank you for putting in all the effort.

Take care,