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Les Bubka
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Pinan Sono San- Morote Uchi Uke

Hi all

Third clip of our Pinan seminar in Poland. We have focused on Pinan Sono San/ Sandan third sequence - Morote Uchi Uke). In this scenario we failed with our previous techniques and now we are in close distance facing opponent. We can use Morote Uchi Uke in few different ways, strike and off balancing or a take down .  I think this is the last one with close ups :)

Kind regards


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Great stuff, Les. I really like how you formulated that decoding principle about the two arms being connected to each other in kata meaning both arms are connected to the opponent. Very helpfull when studying similar motions in other kata. Thanks for sharing!

Les Bubka
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Hi Michiel Glad you like it. Kind regards Les

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Well done sir. I like the knee strike as you use your hips into the attack with the morote uke.......Thanks for sharing....Gerald!!

Les Bubka
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Thank you Gerald.

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The idea of using knees (and legs in generel) is something that I also have been playing with. Coming from Japenese jiu jitsu, where sweeps are a part of the system, the next logical step (for me at least) is to use the leg to strike with as we're moving closer to our opponent.

So seeing you doing a video with it and while doing one of the first katas most people are taught is really great to see.