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Drew Loto
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Pinan Yondan's "White Crane Spreads Its Wings"

Here is a video of a Tai Chi practitioner demonstrating applications for the White Crane Spreads Its Wings posture.  This posture is found in the Pinan Yondan form, and is often viewed as a transitioning movement into some sort of subsequent offensive or defensive technique.  In my view, the posture tends to be a clearing of a limb (with the lower hand), while the upper hand performs some sort of slapping or raking movement to a vulnerable area of the opponent's face.  

It is not uncommon in Tai Chi for practitioners to study the posture as a response to a lapel grab, in which the defender "splits" the attacker's arms, thus creating the vulnerability necessary for an effective counter maneuver.  This latter interpretation is the one explored in the video, though I find some of the various counter attacks that he demonstrates are quite pertinent for my normal application for the technique as well.

Around 1:24, we see the use of a "rising block" movement as a hooking arm around the neck, similar to an interpretation in one of Iain's Pinan Shodan drills from "Pinan/Heian Series: The Complete Fighting System Vol 1".  The sequence then continues with a takedown that seems to use the type of wide angle stepping into a "down block" that we find in Pinan Nidan, following the series of three rising blocks.

My favorite part of the study of bunkai is finding inter-kata relationships between movements, so I found this video particularly enjoyable.  I hope you enjoy it as well.