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What Martial Arts (or related) Podcasts are recommended?

Currently I subscribe to (in alphabetical order so as to not show preference:)

- Grapplearts Radio (Stephen Kesting, Brazilian Jiujitsu)

- Iain Abernethy

- Kris Wilder

- Martial Secrets (Lawrence Kane & Kris Wilder)

- richardbarnes.com (although there hasn't been a new podcast in ages)

- The Geof Thompson Inspired Podcast (BY a Martial Artist and with reference to Martial Arts, but not really a Martial Arts podcast)

Iain Abernethy
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I subscribe to all the above (including mine so I can check that the itunes feed works as it should) with the exception of Stephen Kesting’s … simply because I did not know he did one. I’ve subscribed now :-)

Is anyone else aware of any good one?

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Jr cook
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I've also downloaded several of the interviews from Paladin Press. They were not on iTunes that I could find but are available at http://paladinpodcast.libsyn.com/  

There are a number of martial arts (and other) subjects and authors covered, though it's been some time since the last one. May be of interest to some here.

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A new one to add: The Martial Brain by Jeff Westfall

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Right now, Iain Abernethy and Kris Wilder is my main one-two punch for my preference, but I need to check out Geof Thompson's podcast.

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Not strictly only karate/martial arts, but I am enjoying the Drunken Taoist Podcast very much indeed :)

Gareth Piper
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I work a pretty boring office job, so the ability to listen to a good podcast is always welcomed by me! (I was actually going to add this thread myself, haha) I like Martial Thoughts, Hiyaa and Karate Cafe to add to the list. Fro those interested in Japanese history with a feudal slant, the Samurai Archives podcast is highly recommended (the material covered is pretty heavy going though).

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Time this was updated, methinks. 

- Grapplearts Radio (Stephen Kesting, Brazilian Jiujitsu) is now the Strenuous Life Podcast. It keeps a focus on BJJ but also does mini-podcasts and also more diverse material such as Stephan's other endeavours

- A northern chap named "Iain" still podcasts

- Kris Wilder now does 3 minute long tidbits of thoughts and philosophy. Always makes me stop and think. It's The Back Channel

- Martial Secrets (Lawrence Kane & Kris Wilder) long since ceased but they've recently started a new one entitled Martial Arts and Life. I recommend the two recent episodes on health and the martial arts

- Richard's interviewing podcast has sadly long since ceased

- Geof's podcast has also long since ceased

The reason that I thought to bump this thread is that Jamie Clubb has a new podcast out entitled Protecting the Frontline. I'm yet to listen to it, but it's Jamie so I have no doubt that it'll be excellent

- The Kung Fu podcast is great too. Focussed on Kung Fu but it does look at other arts.The author, Sifu T.W. Smith did post on here a couple of times and I think still looks in regularly

- Wim Demeere has a podcast that I've only listened to a little but will endeavour to spend more time with

Any others?

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I've got some podcasts I love that other might enjoy...

Fights gone by - Jack Slack. Jack Slack is a british fight analyst that really knows the fight game (and traditional martial arts). It's mainly MMA and boxing but he's also a long standing Karateka and martial artist so also touches on topics much wider than that.

Heavy Hands - Another boxing and MMA analysis show with Connor Ruebusch and Pat Wyman. Lots of knowledge on the old fight game and vintage boxing. Modern sports events and fighters are analysed but there's good depth on coaching, psychology, tactics, technique, etc.

Distraction pieces - Scroobius Pip. Lots of good quality guests from film, music and culture in general. Pip's an MMA fan so has also had some guys on there too.

Leigh Simms
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In addition to Iain's, I would recommend the following: - 

After listening to episode 1 of Jamie Clubb's podcast, I think it is going to be really beneficial and worthwile following. http://clubbchimera.com/protecting-the-frontline-podcast-episode/

Mick's Martial Arts - by Mick Tully is a really good "interview with martial artists" podcast that I thoroughly recommend which has a decent sized catalouge of episodes already. - http://micksmartialarts.com/

Not strictly martial art related, by Sam Harris' Waking Up Podcast has a array different guests which have included Gavin De Becke (author of Gift of Fear). Sam has also wrote and spoke on self-defence and firearms. He is a BJJ practioner and I believe he is influenced and may have spent time training under Rory Miller. - https://www.samharris.org/podcast

Finally, I shall shameless offer up my new podcast to this thread - The Striking Thoughts Podcast. My first podcast is on kata. With particular focus on the kata/kumite connection (or lack thereof), the purpose of kata and limitations of kata.  https://www.leighsimms.com/podcast