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Practical Karate Weekly (28th of Nov)

Hi Folks,

Just a quick post to let you know that the latest edition of Practical Karate Weekly is out! It’s a weekly e-paper I set up which picks up feeds from good sources and puts it all in one place for you.

This week we collated articles and videos for you on the following subjects:  The mind of the criminal; environmental awareness; de-escalation; Silat leg kicks and takedowns, bunkai from Naihanchi  and Kushanku, and more besides.

The paper picks up feeds from this website, Kris Wilder, Rory Miller, John Titchen, Wim Demeere, Jamie Clubb, “Karate by Jesse”, and many others besides. Check it out!

FOLLOW THIS LINK: http://paper.li/iainabernethy/1376566131

There will be a new edition every Thursday and you can subscribe via the above page. If you subscribe (it’s free!) you’ll be sent an email every time each new issue is published. My followers on twitter (@iainabernethy) will also be automatically sent a tweet too.

You can also explore the paper via the interface below. It looks really good on mobile devices too, so it would be a good one to bookmark for when you want some good reading / viewing when out and about.

All the best,