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Practical Taekwondo: Back to the Roots

Hi all,

This is my first foray into writing, and a book that I think that no matter what style of Taekwondo or pattern-based striking art it has something to offer.

Packed with over 500 photos and clear, step-by-step instructions, Practical Taekwondo: Back to the Roots off ers a wealth of interpretations of ITF and WTF taekwondo patterns. Using the techniques that the author has discovered and tested, it shows readers how they can find their own applications. ITF and WTF practitioners alike will fi nd this book to be invaluable. No matter what level you are in your study of taekwondo, this book will help you look at patterns in a completely different way. Whether you are a white belt or a black belt, this book is packed with information that will make your training practical and relevant to the social challenges of the twenty-first century.

Very impressed with this book. Beautifully laid out and as soon as you open it you are aware of how much work has gone into it. I feel this book will be a big help to all people who want their TKD to be thoughtful and functional - Iain Abernethy

This outstanding book is well written and thoroughly illustrated. It shows a plethora of practical techniques, but also goes an important step farther by taking you through a process for uncovering your own street-worthy applications from patterns. The author demonstrates how to sensibly pressure test and judge the effectiveness of what you discover so that you can discover what works for you without risking grave bodily injury and a whole lot of pain in the process of finding out. Sylvester offers sound advice that all taekwondo practitioners should pay close attention to. Great stuff!  Lawrence Kane  Author of Surviving Armed Assaults and Martial Arts Instruction; co-author of The Way of Kata, The Way to Black Belt, and The Little Black Book of Violence