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Preemptive Hand Trapping

The last article I shared here was about trapping the feet, which is a bit of an obscure tactic for many. This article covers hand trapping, which is a little more common. Specifically, it covers preemptive hand trapping--that is, trapping the hands before they have a chance to launch an attack. I hope someone finds it useful!


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Nice article, thanks for sharing.

Trapping the hands within the fight is certainly an important tactic. Preemptive trapping can also be useful to control the opponent, even if you don't know yet, whether or not your opponent will become an attacker.

See an example in this doorman instructional video (by Jim Wagner) at 7:20 and at 9:15 in:

Mike uses his "fence" hands to touch/feel/control the other guys arms. That's minimally invasive trapping.

(Be sure to watch the entire series of his four doorman videos. They're not only for bouncers.)