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Iain Abernethy
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Press ups getting too easy for you? (very impressive video!)

Press ups getting too easy for you? Here is a superb video of lots of press up variations that will help develop the explosive “alive strength” that we martial types need. Good for coordination too! I’ve never seen some of these variations before and the one with the full twist is too cool for words!

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PS Thanks to Stuart for sending me this.

Jon Sloan
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wow, there's a few in there that I'd try ONLY if I had a very soft floor to cushion the impact of my face on! The pike one was pretty impressive as well as the rotational one.

Some good ideas on building up levels of variations before going for the big ones.

Iain Abernethy
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Here is another extreme press-up to try curtest of Rich Minshaw on Facebook. Another one to slowly build up to ... you know, what with the bad shoulder and all wink


Iain Abernethy
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And here are some more! Thanks to every one for sending me these. Something for us all to marvel at and aspire too!

All the best,



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There was an excellent video on utube showing about 15 different push up types put up by a young American Thai Boxer who posts on another forum.  Sadly he's taken that down.

However, here's another press ups video by a Thai Boxer / Personal Trainer Lucas Griego:


Zach Zinn
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I managed about ten reps of just watching the video and I was exhasuted ;)

These guys are always impressive with the bodyweight stuff.

Harry Mord
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An interesting video catalogue of more than 35 press-up variants is here: