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Pressure Testing Tuidi/Tuite/Torite

Tuidi is an important component of old-school karate, but it is often neglected by modern karate. This short article discusses the idea of pressure-testing tuidi, which can be rather difficult to do.


Iain Abernethy
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I like that a lot! The accompanying video is very reminiscent of our warm-up grappling drills. Live practise is a must and I really like how you and Richard show it here. It’s functional, safe, and enjoyable :-)

All the best,


Mark Powell
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The video reminds me very much of our own push hands practice. Great stuff and so much fun!

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Thanks! It gets even more interesting when we put on MMA gloves and incorporate more strikes from the kata :)

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If you don't want to get too rough, but still want to incorporate strikes me and my wife will push on the target with the striking surface using our bodyweight and structure, i.e. knuckles to solar plexus, but pushing instead of striking. It's disruptive and a little painful and it forces you to deal with the limb instead of just ignoring it like in light contact sparring. Similar to Rory Miller's slow controlled one step sparring method.

Good stuff though.

More please!