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Push Defense to Head Control Throw

This week's Waza Wednesday takes a look at the end of a yakusoku kumite (promise sparring) drill from the Shorinkan, but knowledge of the full drill is not necessary. We demonstrate the technique against a push, although it can be used against a variety of other attacks.

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I call it uchi kubi nage - inside neck throw. With your right foot placement and the slight drop I suggest it could be uchi kubi otoshi.

I know several groups have banned it due to the frequency of injury, my club included. I suffered a shoulder injury from this throw in 1998 that wasn't resolved for nearly four years (mainly because of me not actually seeking any help!)

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I see a throw like this in Jion:   turning into the first manji gamae (grab the other side of his head) followed kagi Tsuki (throw him over your side).

The entry being different though,  as you would grab his left arm with your left hand for the manji gamae.