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Reading Kicks & Movement in Sparring.

Over the years I have played with several methods for training both students and myself to read the movement of an opponent in sparring. This particular drill has been very successful in my school in helping students watch their partners hip and shoulder movement. 

Read the kick mimics a blocking motion using a pad and gets the students used to being kicked at with power. 

I would love to know what other schools do and their methods.


Chris R
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Looks like it could definitely be a useful drill. I like how using the pad makes it easier to stay calm and watch the opponent's movements more carefully. I also think that these types of drills to develop reactions and the ability to read movements are a very important aspect of Karate, and I see this as being one of the purposes behind the idea of five step and one step sparring for beginners. You can do this type of "sparring" with more realistic attacks as well, which will develop good reactions and reading of the opponent in a controlled environment. Since Karate teaches high levels of control, you can do these drills with realistic speed, and therefore you can see what these strikes look like at a fast pace (similar to the purpose of the drill you showed). Those are my thoughts on this relating to Karate, anyway. Might use this drill some time in the future.

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Just tried this today and it worked well and exposed some things that need more work for both my friend and I. We also combined this with your side stepping kicking drill.