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Recent UK judge perspective on firearms in self defence
Leigh Simms
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Some good stuff here, showing some examples of how the law is applied in practice. Thanks for sharing!  However, I did think that this case was a couple of years old now? 



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Leigh Simms wrote:
I did think that this case was a couple of years old now?

More than that. 2012! I just followed the links through. I'm suprised as Mark Dawes only posted it yesterday and he's always up to date. Halfway down he does cite "other more recent cases" too.

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t It has always been the case that firearms can be used in self defence as the test is’ was the force used reasonable’ and each case is judged on its circumstance. The issue of whether criminals/burglars can sue the citizen who acted in self defence was clarified a good few years back, as burglars are trespassers , they  do not have permission or a lawful right to be on ones property, so one  generally, has no duty of care to protect them from dangers one of which could be being  shot at.