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Reconstructing Gichin Funakoshi’s Nodo-Osae Throw (video)

In this video we are going to look at the “lost” karate throw of Nodo-Osae (“throat press” or “pressing the throat”). While a growing number of karateka are familiar with the nine karate throws Gichin Funkaoshi shows in his 1935 book Karate-Do: Kyohan, fewer are aware that they are not the only throws Funakoshi recorded in his written works. In his earlier 1925 book, Rentan Goshin Karate Jutsu, Gichin Funakoshi showed six throws. One of those throws – which is not included in the nine of Karate-Do: Kyohan – is Nodo-Osae.

The photograph associated with the throw has Funakoshi gripping the throat and ankle of this uke (this photo is included in the video), but unfortunately the text describing the throw makes absolutely no mention of how the ankle ended up being lifted into Funakoshi’s hand!

In this video, I have combined the information in the text and the photograph to provide instruction and a demonstration of how I believe Funakoshi intended the throw to be performed. As you’ll see, it is as effective and efficient throw that I believe should be given its rightful place alongside the nine throws of Karate-Do Kyohan. Once again, we see that the karate of the past (the karate of the kata) was a much more holistic system that its modern day offspring.

I hope you enjoy the video and I’ll be back with more soon!

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PS The YouTube link can be found HERE

Practical Kata Bunkai: Reconstructing Gichin Funakoshi’s Nodo-Osae Throw