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Jason Lester
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Reflex video

Hi all,

the following video shows a simple reflex exercise suitable for all Martial Arts or sports, simply to help with speed and body reflex. My good friend and student Len assisted me in the video.

The exercise is simple, the person against the wall has to stop the other from touching them, the person attacking can use open hands or fist closed, however open handed is quicker as one is more relaxed.

I hope it is of interest and some use.

Kind regards,


Jr cook
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I have done similar practice before but it is interesting to see it again from an outside prespective. Things I remember from this type of exercise when we tried it (though it's been almost two years now):

-The attacker has an obvious advantage. 

-It teaches the importance of following up when defending. You can't "survive" long if you continue to play the blocking game. 

-If you are in range, so is he. Again, blocking only is a good way to get slowly beat to death.

My favorite part is at the 0:36 mark where the defender flinches to the attackers hands. That is exactly what he needs to do as soon as the distance closes. Take charge and move first.

I can also see some value for the attacker in the drill. He can learn to eliminate telegraphing movements when striking as long as there is good feedback from the partner.