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Iain Abernethy
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Restraints Course dvd with Itay Gil

Message from Mick Franklin


The Restraints course DVD with Captain Itay Gil of the Israeli Special Forces is ready for sale. This event was filmed in Edinburgh this year, and was attended by the Prison Authority, Police, the Paratroopers, and a member of Britain's Special Air Service.

The DVD details how to restrain an aggressive individual in such situations as prisons, hospitals and the street, and includes a section on arrests and handcuffing violent people. Various live full contact scenarios are included. People who would benefit from watching and training with this material include: security, police, hospital staff, military and martial artists.

This exceptional DVD is just £30 including postage.

If there's any questions please contact me on 07734308533, or email me on: mick.franklin@hotmail.com

Many thanks,

Mick Franklin