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Restricted Punching Drill (video)

This quick video shows one on the many pad-drills I taught in Nuremburg, Germany in April 2012. The purpose of this drill is to make it difficult to generate power by having the striker hit from positions that limit the use and movement of the legs and hips. The holder is also required to present the pads at “non-standard angles” i.e. not perfectly straight, horizontal or vertical.

The striker is therefore forced to find ways to generate power from less than ideal positions and strike with all parts of the hand (as we see in kata). Not only is this a good drill for power development, it also ensures the striker learns to intuitively generate power from wherever they happen to be and wherever the target happens to be. This is a key skill for self-defence where things are rarely ideal and we are often required to strike from positions other than being perfectly upright.

The restricted punching concept, as shown in the “sitting parts” of this drill, was introduced to me by Geoff Thompson (one of the world's leading self-protection teachers) and it has been a part of my teaching and practise ever since. It’s a very effective form of training for traditional karateka and self-protection exponents.

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Practical Kata Bunkai: Restricted Punching Drill