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Iain Abernethy
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Rory Miller will be returning to the UK in February 2013!

Message from Mick Franklin:

Rory Miller Courses

Rory Miller, author of Meditations On Violence, will be returning to the UK in February 2013.

The training venues are Swindon, Sheffield and Edinburgh.

Rory's courses will cover some of the psychological issues of conflict including Conflict Communications, Think Like A Criminal, and various "post-fight" scenarios. His physical training will include "one-step" fighting, scenario and environmental training, and Rory's special brand of Infighting.

Each weekend course with Rory is currently being offered as an "early bird" package for just 100 pounds. This price will increase soon.

Please contact the venue hosts to confirm your place:

SHEFFIELD 8 - 10th of February. Contact: garry@academyofselfdefence.co.uk

EDINBURGH 16 - 18th of February. Contact: mick.franklin@hotmail.com

SWINDON 23 - 25th of February. Contact: andi@genjitsu.co.uk

*please note that course content will vary between venues