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Iain Abernethy
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Security guards get stabbed trying to detain thief (graphic video).

A graphic video (containing a lot of bad language) showing how things develop when a knife gets pulled during a three person grapple (you need to be over 18 and sign in to YouTube to view). Notice how the security guards fail to control one arm which allows the thief to pull his knife. It takes the thief a full 8 seconds (starts at 12 seconds) to pulls the knife and execute the first stab. Also notice how the guy in black was trying to control the arm that eventually stabbed him, but abandoned it.

It is of course very easy for all of us to watch the video and play “Monday morning quarterback”, but nevertheless it is a good illustration of the need to be aware of potential weapons.

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Thank you for sharing Iain and as a Parking attendant Security guard, I see videos such as you post and analyze the do's and dont's and If one individual is holding a knife with one hand, that is the hand you should deal with first.....Period!!!! This is indeed a wake up call for the Walmart guy and for anyone else for that matter.


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If anyone works as a securty gurad I would be intersted to hear what yoru remit is from your employer.  Are you expected to restrain people caught stealing form your employers store?  In which case you are beign asked risk getting stabbed for someoen else's money/proeprty.  Or is your remit just to take details to pass to the police?

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Oberserve and Report......Nothing more, now, if an assailant attacks you, then you have every right to defend yourself.

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Yes, honestly, security gaurds are paid nowhere near enough to risk their lives.  Especially for walmart, for whom whatever this punk stole is just a rounding error on a spreadsheet.