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Seienchin / Seiyunchin Bunkai Drills (video)

This video shows clips of a seminar where a two-person bunkai drill for the whole of Seienchin (Seiyunchin) kata was taught.

It should be noted that the practise of individual sequences and the practise of techniques “out of order” was also covered. This short clip cannot capture the full seminar and it is not an instructional video.

As with all flow drills, they are a part of the whole and they don’t replace the need to practise techniques individually (in line with the Ikken Hissatsu concept i.e. the intent to finish the situation with every technique); practise the techniques in alternate order; and to practise the techniques within live and semi-live drills (such that they can be freely applied as per the demands of the situation).

Flow drills are good for the time efficient practise of a given kata, and for practising moving onto the next method, without losing advantage, should the previous one fail. However, they need to be an integrated part of the whole.

I hope the video if of interest and I appreciate you watching!

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PS The YouTube link can be found HERE

Practical Kata Bunkai: Seienchin (Seiyunchin) Bunkai Drills