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Seipai Arm Lock & Counter (as described by Kenwa Mabuni)

This very short video shows an arm-lock from Seipai, the counter to that arm-lock, and the counter to that counter, as described by Kenwa Mabuni in his 1934 book “Seipai no Kenkyu Goshin Jutsu Hiden Karate Kenpo”.

Mabuni shows the lock in the book (photograph included in this video), and describes how one could counter the lock by pushing the arm forward as you strike the back of the knee. He then states that if someone should counter the lock in that manner, then you can turn and strike the groin as per the kata (again, the original photograph is included in the video).

This clip is part of a recap of Seipai bunkai that we had been practising at an event in the Netherlands in September 2015. It’s therefore a little short on detail, but I nevertheless hope it is of interest.

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PS The YouTube link can be found HERE

Practical Kata Bunkai: Seipai Arm Lock & Counter (as described by Kenwa Mabuni)