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Seipai Bunkai Drill: from the start to the slam (video)

This video shows a bunkai drill for the first part of Seipai kata (up to the downward “double punches”). It was filmed at a seminar in November 2015 in Swindon. We worked on Seipai bunkai for three hours and this drill was a very quick summation of some of the topics covered. It is not a “combination” to be used as is, but instead it is a simple two-person drill to mirror the solo drill of the kata itself.

A two-minute video cannot capture all three hours. Those in attendance were instructed in the how such methods would be applied and how they fit into the wider training matrix. This video is therefore not comprehensive nor is it instructional in nature. Nevertheless, I hope you find it interesting.

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PS The YouTube link can be found HERE

Practical Kata Bunkai: Seipai from the start to the slam