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Seipai End Sequance Bunkai (video)

This video shows a bunkai drill for the final sequence of Seipai kata. It was filmed at an event in the Netherlands in September 2015.

In this bunkai drill, Seipai kata is firstly teaching us how to move the enemy’s limbs in order to initiate predictable motion and land strikes. Seipai then concludes with a rather brutal neck crank. Do not practise this technique unless you are under the supervision of a suitably qualified and experienced person.

The neck is twisted 180-degrees which causes the enemy to fall in such a way that their spine will hit your knee. One hand then locates the enemy’s jaw while another lands a hammer fist strike. If the neck crank fails to get the enemy to fall, the end movement – which is often overlooked – pulls the enemy backward such that the top of their head will hit the floor. Again, this is potentially very dangerous and needs to be practised with great care while under suitable supervision. All viewers are also encouraged to be aware of, and adhere to, all laws relating to self-defence in their locality. The technique is shown here for purely for information purposes so that the function of the kata can understood.

I hope you find the video interesting and thank you for your support of them!

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PS You can find the YouTube link HERE

Practical Kata Bunkai: Seipai End Sequence