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Seipai Flow Drill (video)

This video shows a flow drill for the opening sequence of Seipai kata. The drill shows an escape from a common choke attempt and then covers the concepts of limb-control, predictable response, and continuous advantage. Following on from the initial core sequence, the movements after the first turn in the kata show options should either the initial removal of the arms, or the arm-lock at the end of the sequence, fail. It is therefore possible to flow into these alternative sequences if the enemy’s actions necessitate it.

This video was filmed at my four day long residential course in February 2014. It was a private course with a dozen people in attendance. While it is hoped this video clip is of interest to all viewers, it should be noted that such videos can never be a substitute for in-depth hands-on instruction and that this video is not presented as an alternative to that instruction. If you want more detailed instruction on such drills, and how they fit within the supporting methodology, then you should seek to attend a seminar and checkout the professionally filmed material available for purchase via the website. Nevertheless, I hope you find this latest offering of interest!

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PS The YouTube link for the video can be found HERE.

Practical Kata Bunkai: Seipai Flow Drill