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Ben Ryder
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Seipai kata bunkai


though some of the people on here who practice Seipai may be interesetd to see the application sets I taught for the kata at a recent course in Sheffield, its the clips from teaching so it is at slow speed!

I hope you enjoy them, and Im happy to field any questions


Ben Ryder

Shidoin - Koryu Uchinadi

Shibucho - IRKRS Eng

Leeds, UK

Black Tiger
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Enjoyed the video, a kata I've admired but unable to learn it.

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very nice stuff Ben

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Hi Ben,

I liked it. Good job and thanks for sharing.

As a side node, due to your choice of background music, Youtube did not allow me to watch this video here in Germany. I had to use a proxy to disguise were I am from :o).

Regards Holger

Iain Abernethy
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I like that lots! Thanks for sharing Ben.

ky0han wrote:
As a side node, due to your choice of background music, Youtube did not allow me to watch this video here in Germany.

I’ve taken to also sharing videos posted here via Twitter and Facebook so as many people as possible can view them.  The way that YouTube deals with copyrighted music means that many countries will not be able to view this if I did post it, which is obviously a great shame.

YouTube do have a library of copyright free music that can be used for any purpose and that would help ensure as large a viewership as possible. Maybe something to bear in mind for the future because this is great information and I feel lots of people would benefit from viewing it.

All the best,


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Absolutely love this. All different to my bunkai for Sepai, which is my favourite kata and the one I feel I know best, although all of these seem consistent with concept of flowing around the opponent that I believe is central to the kata.

Incidentally, I've trained a little with Joost Frehe and would like to a bit more. I would have loved to have gone to this....is there a facebook group or a page you could link me to so that I could find out when you run another of these?

Also, I was wondering what you have for the shiko datchi/shito tsuki combination that follows the uchi ukes after the throw you demonstrate at 1:35. It's the only part of the kata that I don't grasp.

Ben Ryder
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Thanks for your comments!

Stephenson, you can find me on Facebook or seach for Koryu uchinadi UK & Ireland to find the group. I think that bit is covered in the clip around 1:25 but the section is for some reason jumpy and quick! The second fo the uchi uke is used to seize a wrist, a kick to the groin brings the head forward and then you step back after kicking pulling the attacker onto a punch that goes under the arm, into the face (or alternatively a ballistaic forearm strike into their hyper extended elbow.

Heres the section with it in, hope it helps. There are a few applications for the kake/hammer fist/two uchi ukes, but  had to combine them into the complete composite due to time restrictions!

Dill Young
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It was a great course. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. Bens teaching method and delivery made it accessible for all levels, we learned a lot . Many thanks and look forward to the next one. Cheers.