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Seiyunchin Bunkai

I know we have at least a few people here who study some version of Seiyunchin/Seienchin/Seiunchin/etc., so I thought I would share this:

Most people will probably be familiar with Taira Masaji Sensei, and his approach to Goju-Ryu. This video shows excerpts from a Skype seminar that Paul Enfield Sensei (a senior student of Taira Sensei) put on over the weekend. I attended the seminar, and it was very informational and helpful! Up until this weekend, I had only seen a few small pieces of Taira Sensei's approach to Seiyunchin bunkai--most of the videos you can find of his material show Gekisai or Seipai bunkai. Now, I was able to see an application for every movement in the kata! I'm not sure how everyone here approaches kata bunkai, but I really like how Taira Sensei links the movements of kata together to deal with the opponent countering or blocking, or your attack failing for some reason. I liked it before, but after having it broken down for me, I have an even greater appreciation for his approach!

Jose Garcia
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Nice. Thanks.

Iain Abernethy
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Very good! Thanks for sharing! I'll pass it on via facebook etc too.