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Seiyunchin morote-uke/ura-tsuki/gedan-barai

Hello, everyone!

While we practice Shorin-Ryu karate in my dojo, this week's Waza Wednesday takes a look at a sequence of movements from the Goju-Ryu kata, Seiyunchin, which some of our instructors and students have learned from training in other styles over time. We demonstrate the technique against a punch but, as always, the specific attack being defended against isn't as important as positioning, points of contact, and directions of movement.

Iain Abernethy
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Very good! I saw it via Richard’s feed on Twitter last night. I like it! I’ll share it via Facebook now too.

All the best,


Takayama Koyasu
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I teach Goju ryu (along with So ryu, Shorin ryu and Shotokan). Seiyunchin was made famous in the movie Karate Kid 3. Students get tested for it, at San Kyu (3rd Kyu), while most practical applications are very obvious. The Kyusho, Tuite and Nage Waza applications are not. These techniques make Okinawan Karate Styles very different to power-striking-bound styles.